If you know me or follow me on Twitter, you won’t have seen me sharing many fund-raising appeals or links. A couple of sponsored runs for the best causes; that’s about it. I ration it so that any appeals I do end up sharing will stand out.

If you know me (even if you’ve met me once) in the living world beyond Twitter you’ll know that theatre and performance are pretty much what keeps me breathing. So exceptional new talents coming along is always an exciting thing to me.

Manchester’s Charlotte Maxwell would, I’m sure, argue that she’s far from being a new talent, having been writing and performing in one way or another for most of her 24 years and in so many different disciplines. She’s an actor, a dancer, a playwright, a theatre critic and much more besides. Her energy and intelligence are apparent as soon as you meet her.

It’s not much of a surprise then that her audition for the National Youth Theatre‘s Epic Stages course was successful. Charlotte is one of those few selected from over 5000 applicants, and the course starts this Autumn. It’s only a couple of governments ago that a full grant would have been available to cover course fees and accommodation but unfortunately that’s definitely not the case now. Charlotte needs to raise £2,500 by 7th July to cover this, and has started a justgiving appeal. 

At the time of writing (with exactly two weeks to go) 60% of the target has been met. There’s less than £1000 left to raise. So really I’m asking anyone who finds themselves reading this to consider helping, either by donating or by spreading the word. For example, if everyone I know gave a fiver then the target would be reached. That’s 2 lottery tickets, or most of a pint in London. Because the National Youth Theatre really needs someone like Charlotte. I’ve definitely got that the right way round.

You can donate and find out more by clicking the link below. Thank you very much for taking the time to read this.

Charlotte’s JustGiving Page

[Charlotte is currently appearing in Operation Black Antler at HOME in Manchester]