A brilliant, enlightening look at the earliest known black dramatists to have worked on British television.

Forgotten Television Drama

snapshot-2017-02-14-at-07_45_08-pm-1049634412 Alfred Fagon in Barry Reckord’s Second City Firsts play, Club Havana (BBC2, 25 October 1975)

Stephen Bourne looks at some of the early black writers of British television drama.

The recent losses of Michael Abbensetts (1938-2016) and Buchi Emecheta (1944-2017) are a reminder that they were among the early black writers of British television drama. When they began writing for television in the 1970s there had already been several African and Caribbean dramatists contributing to television drama since the 1950s. From Jamaica there was Evan Jones (The Widows of Jaffa, BBC 1957, In a Backward Country, BBC 1958 and Thirty-Minute Theatre: Go Tell It On Table Mountain, BBC2 1967) and Barry Reckord (Play of the Week: You in Your Small Corner, ITV 1962); from Guyana Jan Carew (Drama ’61: The Big Pride, ITV 1961 and Drama ’61: The Day of the Fox

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